1. Atticat Insulation

When blown into your attic, Owens Corning R30 fiberglass insulation creates air pockets which work to better insulate your attic space, preventing heat build-up underneath your roof.  Owens Corning fiberglass insulation is designed to never settle, so the air pockets will continue to insulate your roof effectively for years to come.

2. Ridgevent

Ridgevent is an effective way to keep your roof cool and prevent heat build-up in your attic.  Ridgevent is laid along the ridges of your roof and allow hot air, as it rises in your attic, to escape, while preventing water from seeping in.

3. Eave Vents

When used in with ridgevent, eave vents help circulate air in your roof space.  Eave vents pull in cooler air from underneath your eaves and circulates it into your attic, forcing the warmer air up and out of the ridgevent.  This system helps reduce the temperature inside your attic, as well as helps prevent mildew and mold growth by providing better air flow.

Eave vent brands:

^SmartVent -

^VentSure -

Cor-a-Vent -

7. Radiant Barrier

Radiant Barrier is a highly reflective material, attached to 7/16” oriented strand boards, which replaces your normal roof sheathing.  This material helps reflect some of the sun’s heat before it can be absorbed into your attic.  The result is a cooler attic space, which can help protect the condition of your roof.

8. Underlayments
Underlayment provides a vital second layer of protection on top of the sheathing to help keep moisture out. It is necessary for roofing manufacturers' warranties and is now considered a necessary piece of the roofing puzzle

9. Water/Ice Shield
Repel moisture from your roof Over the years many roofs will experience some sort of wetness. Typical roofing felt paper sometimes isn't enough, especially for problem areas. When the time comes to replace your roof, consider the water repellant effects of ice and water shield and it's invaluable protection of your home's exterior.

10. Moisture Barrier

11. Gutters

12. GutterGlove

Gutter protection system that works to keep your gutters free of debris while filtering large amounts of rainwater quickly and efficiently.

13. Warranties

14. Certificate of Liability Insurance

(copy or available upon request)

15. Neighborhood Referral Plan



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